HDR Property & Real Estate Photography

Create stunning still photos for property portals and your business website.


Simple two button system

Our two button interface makes taking photos easy. Simply line up your shot, press the capture button and the camera will take care of the rest.


HDR smart still photos

The balance between saturating clients with good photography and poor images can be a fine balance, it is always better to show fewer good pictures than lots of bad ones. Giraffe360 uses AI to take the best quality still photo every time.


AI editing

AI editing ensures your still photos are high quality and consistent. This is done automatically before your assets are returned to you by email.

Knowledge Base

Do you have questions about property photography?

What formats are my still photographs available in?

They will be supplied to you in jpg format.

Will my still photos be edited?

Our AI editing software ensures that your photos are perfect every time. This will happen automatically after you capture a project.

Do you offer face blurring and privacy editing?

Yes. All faces and personal objects will be blurred out of your still photos.

What size are still photos supplied in?

Still photos are supplied as standard in aspect ratio 4:3, with a size of 2000x1500 px. This offers the best balance between quality and loading speed online. We can offer custom sizes if required.

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