360 Virtual Tours and 3D Walkthrough Software

Scan rooms in 1 minute


Place camera in the centre of room


Press 'Scan'


Move on to the next room


Access AI enhanced assets via your online dashboard

Create virtual tours at the push of a button.


Giraffe360 makes capturing virtual tours simple

Create virtual tours using our simple two-button system. Turn the camera on, press the virtual tour button then leave the room. It will take just 1-3 minutes to scan the room and the camera will make a noise to let you know it’s finished. 


Our virtual tour software creates 3D walkthroughs

When you create a 3D virtual tour with Giraffe360, it is automatically uploaded and processed by our AI software. Personal items and camera reflections are removed from our tours, ensuring the property always looks at its best. 


Your virtual tour is delivered automatically

Our dashboard platform makes life easier for real estate agents by giving access to all captured tours, floor plans and photographs in one place. You can download, share and embed your assets from the dashboard.

Virtual Tours Sell More Property

There are multiple benefits for estate agencies offering virtual tours


More listing views*


Expect tours*


Longer site visits*


More engagement*


Enquiry increase*

*Data taken from Giraffe360, LCP, Mass Interact and Digital in the round

  • One Click Scan
  • Automatic Assembly
  • AI-Applied GDPR (Blurring Private Info)
  • AI Editing & Optimisation
  • 15h turnaround time

Knowledge Base

Do you have questions about virtual tours?

Do virtual tours help sell real estate?

Yes, virtual tours are a great way to help sell houses. We have found that virtual tours lead to an 130% increase in enquiries and 45% more listing engagement. They also open up new markets looking to attract buyers from further afield.

Are virtual tours worth it?

Demand for virtual tours continues to grow. They offer your agency the ability to sell into new markets, increasing revenue.

What is virtual tour software?

Virtual tour software processes the captures from a 3D camera and stitches them together into a seamless experience for the viewer. Giraffe360 virtual tour software also implements the scanned floorplan.

Can I book an online demo?

We offer free, no obligation, 1-2-1 20 minute virtual camera demonstrations. In the demonstration you will see all the camera has to offer, as well as getting a tailored subscription package cost.

Create high quality virtual tours

Book a demo and see how we can change the way you create virtual tours and other property assets.

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