Virtual Floor Plan Camera

Our 360 Lidar camera scans rooms in minutes to create high-quality schematic floor plans. Generate professional 2D-floor plans to attract potential buyers, aid with design and construction, or support appraisals and valuations.

Create floor plans in minutes

Scan and measure rooms in 60 seconds, with the click of a button.

Press Scan

Create 2D floor plans with unparalleled accuracy without manual measuring.

Automatic editing with AI
floor plan software

Floor plans automatically aligned and stitched together using advanced tracking sensors on the camera. So there's no need to capture rooms in a specific order. Objects within the space are detected and added, including doors, cupboards, windows and sinks.

Personalise your floor plans

Choose from a wide range of options to make your floor plans unique. This includes editing room names, adding your company logo, watermarking the images and choosing between imperial/metric measurements.

Export in a wide range of file formats

We offer multiple file formats, including standard .PNG, .SVG and .JPG files for marketing solutions and more advanced .DXF files for CAD-ready floor plans.

Measure properties
with LiDAR precision

  • 98%+ Accuracy
  • 200k Data points per scan
  • 50m scan distance
  • Automatic alignment
  • One-click capture

Save time

Say goodbye to manual floor plan creation; our camera does all the work for you. Simply push the button and get results in minutes, so you can spend more time focusing on other important aspects of your business instead.

Save money

Each room takes just minutes to scan, and our floor plans and fully developed assets will be delivered to you in under 24 hours. Bring your clients property to the market faster and reduce listing to sale time.

Remove complexity

Our floor plans set you apart from the competition, providing a unique selling point without having to break the bank.

The floor plans are very precise, even in rooms full of furniture

Alberto Ferrari, RE/MAX

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