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Floor Plans

Create 98%+ Accuracy Floor Plans in Minutes


Scan accurate floor plans quickly

The Giraffe360 camera’s built in Laser LIDAR technology scans rooms to create 98%+ accuracy floor plans with the press of one button. Giraffe360 camera is a class 1 laser product.


Your Floor Plans are generated using our software

When you scan a floor plan with Giraffe360, it is automatically uploaded to our editing software. The rooms are then named, measurements are added, then it is returned to you automatically through our project dashboard.


Combine your floor plan with a virtual tour

The Giraffe360 camera scans floor plans and virtual tours at the same time. In addition to your downloadable image files, the floor plan will be incorporated into a virtual tour so your buyer can navigate the property easily.

Knowledge Base

Do you have questions about floor plans?

How are floor plans created?

Giraffe360 uses a built-in LIDAR to take up to 200000 measurements in any one room. These measurements are then automatically uploaded to our editing software, which combines them into a floor plan image. Giraffe360 camera is a class 1 laser product.

How quickly does it create a floor plan?

Giraffe's fast room scanning enables you scan a room in 1-3 minutes. This is then uploaded to our server and quickly returned to you as a created floor plan.

Will I be able to download my floor plans?

Yes. Your floor plans will be downloadable in image format, allowing you to upload them to property listing sites or email them to potential buyers.

Can I watermark my floor plans?

Giraffe360 offers customised branding and watermarking for floor plans to prevent misuse online.

Start creating your own floor plans

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