HDR Property & Real Estate Photography

Shoot properties in high definition and create professional real estate photography yourself. Our 360 real estate camera takes stunning still photos to enhance your listings, business website and marketing materials.

Unique Cottages
Unique Cottages
Unique Cottages

Capture professional photos yourself

With our property camera, you don’t have to worry about finding the right angle or fiddling with confusing camera settings. Press capture and your photos will automatically be edited with our advanced AI technology, delivering the perfect shot every time.

Assisted capture

Simply set up the Gen4 Camera on its tripod and select capture. Our technology will then automatically adapt the field of view and zoom based on the size of the room, so your photos best present the chosen space.

Review your images

Review your property photos in real time on the camera’s gallery view function. You can assess the composition and quality or retake and delete images if needed.

Edited with AI

We have developed the first AI-based still capture service for property professionals, so photos are automatically edited for you. Our AI editing features include - 'Exposure Fusion/Colour Correction', 'Blue Sky Replacement' and 'Window Segmentation' for enhanced window clarity. These ensure a consistent level of quality across your projects.

Personalise your photos

Add your branding and watermarks to protect your images online. Adjust image settings within your dashboard to suit your unique personal style. Blur private data, including family photos and number plates, for client security.

Present the best version of reality

  • HDR Technology
  • Adjustable Wide Angle Lens
  • 3 Axis Camera Control
  • Large 1" Sensor
  • 20MP Clarity

Save time

Create fully edited market-leading photos in record breaking time, with the help of over 50 machine learning models.

Save money

Cut out the cost of expensive third party suppliers and create high quality listing photographs yourself. Shoot properties on your own terms without having to organise visits from suppliers or wait for editing.

Remove complexity

Replace outdated DSLR cameras with a one button system. No complex settings required, just line up the shot and press capture.

We were blown away by the resolution!

Kristjan Byfield - Base Property Specialists

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