Giraffe360 Cancellation and Refund Policy (USA and Canada)

Last updated: 12/21/23

This Return and Refund policy (“Policy”) applies to Giraffe360 Subscription for which the Client has signed up, in accordance with Giraffe360 Terms of Service. All capitalised terms in this Policy shall bear the same meaning as ascribed to them in the Terms of Service. If there are any deviations between this Policy and the Terms of Service, this Policy shall prevail.

1. Cancellation Rights

1.1.       The Client has the right to cancel the entire Subscription or any Add-On Subscription within 28 days from the Delivery Date (“Cancellation Period”). After the Cancellation Period,

Subscription becomes non-cancellable and non-refundable.

1.2.       To cancel Subscription, the Client must contact Giraffe360 by writing to

1.3.       Subscription cancellation will be effective as of the end of the first month commencing on the Delivery Date, and the Client will be charged for this initial month.

1.4.       Cancellation and refund rights apply exclusively to new Clients and their initial Subscription. These rights do not extend to Subscription renewals or existing/returning Clients.

2.  Refund

2.1.       The following fees will be refunded if the Client cancels Subscription during the Cancellation Period:

                   2.1.1.  Prepaid Camera Subscription Fee extending beyond the first month;

                   2.1.2.  Prepaid Processing Subscription Fee extending beyond the first month;

                   2.1.3.  Prepaid Add-On Subscription Fee extending beyond the first month;

2.2.        The following fees are not refunded:

                   2.2.1.  Delivery Fee;

                   2.2.2.  Onboarding Fee;

                   2.2.3.  Overage Fee.

3. Returning the Camera Unit

3.1.       To return the Camera Unit, the Client must contact Giraffe360 by writing to and Giraffe360 will issue detailed instructions on how to return the Camera Unit.

3.2.       The Client shall return the Camera Unit, along with any hardware and accessories received from Giraffe360, within seven (7) business days after the cancellation of the Camera Subscription becomes effective.

3.3.       If the Client fails to return the Camera Unit, the Client shall pay the Camera Subscription fee based on the standard pricing for a monthly term at the time of termination of the Camera Subscription. The Client shall keep paying monthly Camera Subscription Fee until the Camera Unit is returned to Giraffe360.

4.  Access to Dashboard

Giraffe360 permits the Client to download any Client Data (other than any Giraffe360 Content that is not supported or usable outside of the Giraffe360 Service such as virtual tours etc.) from the Dashboard for a period of three (3) days after the termination of Processing Subscription. The Client’s access rights to the Dashboard will expire at the end of this period.

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