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Capture precise measurements and visual insights with our 360 property camera.

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Our advanced laser LiDAR technology and HDR camera is used to:

Capture accurate floor plans to conduct detailed property valuations
Create virtual tours home inspections for insurance and appraisals
Use point clouds to improve policy formulation by assess risks meticulously
Capture still photographs to document property conditions comprehensively for accurate insurance claims

How we support digital appraisals and inspection projects

We can help you deliver precise and professional documentation ready to present to clients, builders, engineers, and policyholders.

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Using our two button process you can capture an entire 3 bedroom property in less than 30 minutes! Take Ultra-HD images with our easy-to-use still capture mode and scan rooms in just 60 seconds.



With your camera connected to WiFi - press the upload button and the camera will upload all of your captured assets to your dashboard.


Sit back and relax

Giraffe360’s RapidAI will handle all editing and processing, and within 24/48 hours you will receive HDR Still Photographs, Virtual Tours & Marketing Ready Floor Plans, as well as Video if you have the add-on. All Giraffe360 assets arrive ready for you to share.

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Capture a 2,000 square foot property in under 20 minutes.

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