Virtual Guided House Tours & Viewings

Guide your potential buyer around a property from anywhere in the world.


Easily scan a property in minutes

The Giraffe360 camera easily scans properties using a two-button interface. This scan is then stitched into a virtual tour, that you can then invite your potential buyers to view along with you by sending them a generated link.


Use created virtual tours for guided viewings

Giraffe360’s product dashboard gives you the option to use any scanned virtual tour for a guided viewing. No need to go back to the property and scan it again, everything can be done in one visit.


Combined marketing assets

Giraffe360 also creates virtual tours, floor plans and still photographs. Save time by capturing a property once, then sit back and wait whilst your assets are edited and delivered to you by email.

A game-changing option for estate agents

Expand your potential customer base with guided viewings

Knowledge Base

Do you have questions about guided viewings?

How do guided viewings work?

Guided viewings are an online conversation between you and your buyer. You will be be visible on video chat, then you can walk your prospect through the property.

Who controls a guided viewing?

Giraffe360 guided viewings have control options that allow either you or your viewer to control the movement.

Can I brand my guided viewings?

Giraffe360 offers lots of options for personalising your assets, including logos, watermarks and brand colours.

What are the benefits of guided viewings?

Using guided viewings gives buyers and tenants the chance to make faster decisions thanks to providing an on-demand platform service. Save time on conducting physical viewings and expand your reach by marketing properties to buyers further away.

Offer your customers Guided Viewings

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