Point Cloud

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Connect the dots andMap properties multi-dimensionally

Capture all your data in just 60 seconds


Quick & Simple Capture

The simpler, faster and more cost effective way of capturing point cloud models yourself. 3D scan at the click of a button, without the need for training, professional camera operators or expensive services. Create point cloud models in under 60 seconds.


Advanced LiDAR Technology

Our purpose built integrated LiDAR scanning technology enables you to map any space by capturing over 200 thousand data points, from just one scan. Our LiDAR has a tested range of 50m with 98% accuracy.


Automatically Stitched and Enhanced by AI

The data points form structures, which are colourised using the visual data and stitched together to form a complete 3D visualisation, floor by floor. 

Simplify your workflow:


Place the camera in the centre of a room


Press ‘Scan’


After 60 seconds - proceed to the next room


Access a comprehensive stitched point cloud of your property via your online dashboard, within 24-48 hours

Point Cloud/

e57 files are compatible with universal CAD & BIM modelling software

Knowledge base

Do you have questions about point cloud?

What file formats does point cloud come in?

Currently we offer e57 file format, which is a universal standard and works with most software solutions. We also offer .ply, however, it comes unstitched and on an individual scan by scan basis.

Is the entire point cloud stitched together?

For properties that are scanned with multiple floors, we offer the point clouds stitched on a floor by floor basis.

Do I have to pay for each point cloud?

No, it is included as part of the overall package, provided you select it as an applicable add-on. On each project you capture, you will receive within our dashboard a downloadable point cloud file.

Is there any restriction on how many properties or projects you'll host at any one time?

As long as you maintain a Giraffe360 subscription, all of your projects will be hosted free of charge.

Do you provide any RVT files?

Giraffe360 is in the process of establishing an integration with Autodesk to streamline your workflow. However, that is still in-progress and we hope to announce this soon.

Are you able to capture point clouds of the exterior portions of a property?

While we can facilitate virtual tours taken outside, we cannot yet provide point cloud taken on the exterior. This is due to our usage of LiDAR. However, we are working toward being able to facilitate this request.

Can we access your data via API?

Yes! All of our content, from photos to virtual tours, floor plans, and point cloud are accessible via api. Book a demo and speak with a specialist to learn more.