Sell More Properties with 360 Virtual Tours

Take your clients on a 360 virtual tour with our Gen4 Camera. Elevate your listings and promote properties with 3D house viewings that capture spaces from all angles and stitch them together into a seamless viewing experience.

Create high performance listings

Whether you’re an estate agent looking to win more listings or a landlord who wants to promote their property, our virtual tour camera can help you. Here are just a few ways virtual tours can benefit real estate agencies:


More listing views*


Click-through rate on listing portals*


Longer site visits*


More engagement*


Enquiry increase*

*Data taken from Giraffe360, LCP, Mass Interact and Digital in the round

Experience a property virtually

Bring your property listings to life with 360 virtual tours and 3D house viewings that immerse your clients and walk them through the layout of a space. Our 360 property camera uses precise laser LiDAR technology to scan properties, capture every angle, and note accurate measurements before blending the panoramic images together to form high-quality 270-megapixel virtual tours.

Minimap Navigation

A floor plan is automatically integrated into your virtual tour, in the form of a mini-map, for easy navigation between rooms and floors. This rotates as you look around the space, allowing you to get a better spatial understanding of the property.

Drive Direct Enquiries

Prospective buyers can enquire directly via the information field in the virtual tour, driving more leads for users. Subscribers can customise the fields in the information pop up and contact form to suit their preferences.

Hotspot Key Information

Add information hotspots (labels) to your tours, to provide viewers with e.g. relevant technical information, links and additional sales information. So to provide a greater level of detail, when presenting properties online.

Capture virtual tours with the push of a button

Press ‘Scan’, leave the room for just one minute and then move onto the next room. Then automatically create 360 virtual tours and 3D house viewings ready for your listings.

Edited for you with AI virtual tour software

When you create a 3D house tour with our Gen 4 Camera , it is automatically uploaded and processed by our AI software. Family photographs, private information and number plates are automatically blurred and camera reflections are removed from your tours, ensuring the property is ready for listing.

Personalise your virtual tour

Store all of your captured virtual tours in our online dashboard, with unlimited hosting. You can customise your captured tours with branding, information hotspots, contact information and more. Then you can download, share, and embed your assets.

Take your clients on a guided tour

Once a property has been scanned, you can also share a link for a remote viewing call with customers anywhere in the world. This means you can take them on a tour of your property and give them the same level of interaction and bespoke expertise as viewing a space in person.

Save time

Save precious time by eliminating the need to commute to a house or site multiple times to take prospective clients around your property. A 3D walkthrough gives your viewers an interactive digital version to explore, letting them book a real-life tour when they’re ready.

Save money

Along with taking back your time, you can save on travel costs by cutting down on the need to visit a house or site in person. Your clients will still benefit from a professional and immersive experience that gives them an excellent first feel for your property.

Remove complexity

Giraffe360 allows you to create virtual tours with no manual stitching or editing required. Just scan every room in the property and your virtual tour will be created and returned to you ready for use.

We have been able to decrease physical viewings by 70%

- Luke Appleby, Kontor

Frequently asked questions about our virtual tours and viewings

Whilst you're capturing a virtual tour, you can also create: